Where is Santa Claus?

How much ever old we may grow, the wonderful fantasies of the 'Santa Claus' can never fade out! Children and those young at heart wait eagerly as the moment of Santa's arrival comes closer during the Christmas Eve.
| Tuesday, December 21, 2010
When the Christmas Eve nears, a feeling of excitement arouses in the mind. The kid within us takes over and the environment seems to be full of fun and celebrations. The most awaited moment is the arrival of the mystical icon, the Santa Claus.

Chronicles on the Santa Claus 

Where did Santa emerge from? Call it mystery or myth but there are many tales associated with the history of Santa.

Deep in the past, in about the fourth century, it was also believed that Santa Claus was none other than Bishop Nicholas who lived in ancient Turkey. Bishop Nicholas was highly affectionate towards children and would leave surprise gifts for them during special occasions. He was highly honored and respected for his kind and generous nature. A church was built in his name called the Saint Nichlolas church. Saint Nicholas was referred to as ‘Father Christmas’ by the English but in America he became known as Santa Claus.

Way long in the seventeenth century the myth of Santa Claus was known to have emerged in America from a Dutch legend of Sinter Klaas (derived from the spelling Saint Nicholas).

The Santa Claus was initially believed to be an Elf arriving on the night before Christmas on a sleigh along with the Reindeer, dropping gifts for the children.

The human version of Santa came forth later with stories like Santa has a workshop in the North Pole; he has a list of good and bad children all over the world. The Santa Claus was described as a red jacket clad old man with a white beard, riding on a sleigh dragged by eight reindeers, climbing down the chimney, leaving gifts for children in stockings.

Where is Santa Claus? Where did he come from?

The never ending curiosity in the minds of the children about where Santa Claus resided lasts till date. Though it was mentioned that Santa lived in the North Pole, a logic that contradicted this myth was that reindeers cannot be reared in the North Pole. It was then popularized by newspapers that Santa resided in Finnish Lapland. Since then Santa is known to visit the place often to hear about the children’s wishes. He has a post office in his them where children post their letters.

Santa Claus Family Tradition

The Christmas Eve is one of the finest occasions on which the whole family comes together and gets indulged in the celebrations. The family tradition that is known to be followed since a long time is to welcome the Santa Claus the night before Christmas. The elders have been imparting lessons to the young generation on good behaviors all through the year so that the child is rewarded by the Santa. As per the tradition, children place their bags at the fireplace in which Santa drops a stocking full of gifts in the middle of the night.

Santa Claus and Kids

The myths of Santa Claus truly depict the deep bonding of the kids with this legendary figure. The night before the Christmas is the most awaited moment for the kids. The myth that Santa has a list of the good and bad children is itself an inspiration for the children to maintain a good record of their behavior all through the year.

Today the whole world regards this mysterious figure of Santa Claus as an important part of the Christmas celebration and awaits his magical trip around the globe.