Tantric Yoga Exercises - Techniques and Positions

Tantric yoga exercises give one power to vivacity and energy conservation. Even though it has a powerful profound-origin to the comprehension of intrinsic viewpoint, at its facade stage Tantric yoga exercises encourage fundamental energy and sexual augmentation.
| Sunday, January 10, 2010
Note: Consider performing these exercises only with the guidance of a professional trainer.

With the assistance of Tantric yoga exercises, one can have hale and hearty genital composition and function, resulting in on the whole welfare of a human being.

Tantric yoga is one of the 8 primary kinds of yoga and is frequently termed as 'tantra' yoga or 'tantrism'.  The term 'tantra' means 'burning up beyond all confine' which implies the science of knowledge of going beyond the intellect.

Tantric Yoga Positions

Tantric Yoga POSE 1

  • Stand balancing your knees and hands upon the ground.
  • Kneel down backward in order that your back reaches backward and down towards your feet and extend your arms in front.
  • Exhale and then inhale, satisfying your lungs completely with air. Seize your gasp with the air within.
  • Grip your anal muscle and draw your anal cavity as profoundly inward as you can. Nevertheless do not sprain while squeezing. This tantric exercise shall not be draining. Unwind your anal muscle totally once more.
  • Repeat the squeezing and calming 3-4 times, however do not over stress yourself so much that you lose oxygen in your body
  • Clear your lungs. Stand up on your knees and hands once more. Loosen up a while in this pose and then you can do the exercise again if you desire.

Tantric Yoga POSE 2

  • Lie down on your rear upon a mat on the ground with your arms near your sides and loosen up.
  • Exhale.
  • Then inhale profoundly while calming all the muscles you do not require for inhaling and exhaling.
  • Then exhale again. While exhaling, clutch your anal muscle and draw your anal cavity as acutely inward as you can. Nonetheless do not stress while drawing it inwards. This exercise should not be strenuous.
  • After exhaling, unwind your anal muscle once more.
  • Once again inhale and exhale while drawing 3-8 times, however don't over stress your body.
  • Then loosen up again.

Tantric Yoga POSE 3

  • Lie down on your rear upon a mat on a flat surface.
  • Exhale totally.
  • Sway your arms in an arc above your head and downward to the flooring above your head in order that your complete body is extended from up to bottom. While swaying your arms, inhale cramping your lungs completely with air.
  • Hold your inhalation with the air contained by.
  • Draw your anal muscle and draw your anal cavity as intensely inward as you can. Nonetheless do not sprain while clutching. This position should not be tiring. Loosen up your anal muscle totally once more.
  • Repeat the clutching and loosening up 3-4 times.
  • Sway your arms back at the similar time as you drain your lungs. Unwind for a while and then you can do the exercise again if you want.

Advantages of Practicing Tantric Yoga Exercises

While you are working out these above stated Tantric Yoga exercises, you will capable of sensing how the normal working of these exercises can tender optimal stimulus in the genital area activities and functions. Tantric yoga exercises guarantees complete alteration of muscle healthiness. Additionally, it also perks up the sexual capacity and sexual awareness.

This practice encourages stimulation of energies to travel through the spinal cord and provides an invigorating impact all through the body. Furthermore, with the assistance of these Tantric yoga exercises, you can reinforce the strength of your respiratory zone and make your body liberated from contaminated situations. A standard and long-standing practice can assure the development of a healthy association between brain, body and soul. Tantric yoga exercises provide an energy that for all time boosts the spirit from normal physical surface to advanced astral surface.


It is tremendously significant that you get hold of skilled direction from a veteran, genuine instructor while carrying out these primeval Tantra positions. Bear in mind that by carrying out these positions, you are essentially welcoming dominant energies of self-consciousness into your life. When these primeval Tantra techniques are carried out under proficient administration, they have the prospective to transform your life to the nucleus.

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