Educational Toys for Kids

Research has proven that play make happier children. This fact in itself not only proves the need for play but also the importance of providing the right educational toys for kids. Toys help in the intellectual development of little ones and this article will help you select the appropriate toy in order to provide your child with an opportunity for optimal development.
| Wednesday, March 17, 2010
Every child is intelligent and the right kind of educational toy goes a long way in further helping in brain growth as well as development. Once a child is provided with a stimulus it helps the child's brain to form pathways that are used for learning later in life. Since the benefit of the right educational toys is immense the best thing a parent can do is to provide toys that help maximize the brain's development.

Educational Toys for Infants

Since infants are keen observers and curious in nature select toys that provide them with visual stimulation. To do this buy toys that are in primary and secondary colors or ones that have a strong black and white contrast. One of the best toys for kids this age are mobiles. As infants slowly build motor skills you can choose bright colored toys that are auditory as well as tactile. Remember to select a variety of surfaces so that the baby can touch as thus explore. A soft toy which plays music when it's pressed would be a good idea!

As the child develops you can select from the wide range of fun toys for kids that are available today. Buy one that responds to touching, shaking or pressing for example a rattle. This cheap toy for kids helps provide an infant with a vast range of benefits since the child learn about cause and effect while also developing motor skills. Of course while selecting a baby rattle ensure that you keep your infant in mind since a child who is learning to grasp would need a toy with big handles and that are soft in nature. Do not buy toys that are bright in color or ones that have loud sounds. Also ensure that there are no small parts that may come loose when your infant plays with it. Don't hang a mobile over a crib and be present when using the mobile.

Once your baby is able to sit and explore with their hands they begin to develop problem solving skills. To increase their brain's capacity to apply this new skill they require toys that help them apply logic and increase creative thinking. To do this there are a variety of cheap toys for kids in the market. Toys that fall under this category are ones that teach shape sorting as well as blocks, Lego's and toys that have wheels. If you are interested in buying your child a toy that plays music remember to buy one that plays a note or sound rather than one that has prerecorded music. To help the brain development of children in this age group buy toys that can be used in a number of ways.

Educational Toys for Toddlers and Older Children

Since toddlers move about from one place to another they require toys that move with them. To meet this requirement the best toys for kids this age include toys that have wheels since they stimulate learning. While buying a car for your child select one that has to be pushed since this will help the child increase his/her eye-hand coordination as well as help in motor development. Other fun toys for kids this age include puzzles as well as those that include stacking, for example blocks. To help develop their creativity you can buy your child pretend food and toy phones.

While buying educational toys for kids remember to be generic since this will help the child to create their own script for play. Toddlers are also happy learning about letters and alphabets so remember to include them in their list of educational toys. Once your child finds his/her way into elementary school you can buy your child a star wars or Barbie character since their peers will have them too. Apart from these other best toys for kids this age include raw materials to make products that they see around them, for instance give your child some clay, scraps of fabric, art supplies and building blocks and watch them make their own toys.

If you want you can also get your child electronic toys and computer games as these kinds of toys reinforce learning and also music, counting and coordination. Despite these uses make sure that your child learns from his/her environment since the experiences here are richer and diverse.

A few questions you should ask yourself before buying the toy are:

  • Is the toy you have selected appropriate?
  • Is the toy worth the price?
  • Is it fun to play with?
  • Does the toy have lasting play value?
  • Does the toy meet the recommended safety standards?
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