Tips to Increase Your Farmville FV Cash

Facebook farmville by Zinga is an addictive online game with millions of people around the world playing it along with friends and family. You often wonder how does you earn farmville cash or increase your farmville fv - here are some ideas and tips which may answer your questions.
| Saturday, January 30, 2010
Farmville is a popular online game in which users have to build their farms along with friends and family as their neighbors. Just like a real farm, these farms of yours need caring, decorating, enhancing, sowing and harvesting and helping neighbors. This way you stand a better chance to go up the experience, levels and farmville coins.

Many people often wonder why their farmville cash or Farmville FV appears to be increasing very slowly. The reason is obviously associated with your game play. Although farmville haven't officially presented any tips and tricks to increase your farmville cash, I would try to elaborate on how you can achieve this with smarter game play.

With farmville fv you can upgrade your farm, buy exclusive items, fuel and more. So lets see how to increase your farmville cash.

Earn Ribbons

Ribbons come with a predetermined set of goals or tasks you need achieve, when you get ribbons  you are not only awarded gifts but also coins and experience. Earning ribbons also send a signal to farmville that you are serious about completing your goals.


Many don't pay much attention to decorating and try to cover as much area as possible for farming. Even if this seems good to earn more coins with each harvest; your farm often has a deserted look. So go ahead decorate your farm with various items without bothering too much about profits. Buying a decoration item once every 15 days won't do any harm and it will help to increase your Farmville cash.

Levelling Up

By getting experience and leveling up you are making another way to increase your Farmville cash. To level up - have a strategy in mind. Plant varied crops which will give you ribbons and good coin earnings. Brush and collect from farm animals, harvest trees, decorate, help friends by fertilizing crops and feeding chickens, etc.

Spending Coins

You are not going to achieve much by saving your earnings unless you are looking to buy something costly. Spending coins at the market is essential to buy various items and even earn ribbons. So go to the market and spend some coins, and you will notice your FV does increase.

Sowing Crops

Now it is very obvious everyone running after high earning crops. But other crops are there with a purpose so do plant them as well. You can allocate a couple of blocks for other crops than your high earners. This will ensure complete coverage and ascertain that your planting different types of crops. Also, the best way to ensure that your Farmville cash increases is to make sure that you earn mastery in different crops.

Farmville cash does increase slowly but doing every activity as if doing for your own real farm would help you achieve success. I hope that your farm would rock and your coins and farmville cash would increase, all the best farmer!

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