How to Get Rid of Garden Pests

Garden pests, feasting on our plants, are sure a big menace to deal with. There can be different pests lurking on flower or vegetable plants that need effective measures to be taken. To help you tackle with garden pests, I would try to outline some simple home methods as well as other options you can pursue.
| Sunday, February 01, 2009
Try to have your garden as organized as possible. By organized I mean by keeping your garden properly arranged and in clean conditions. Try to keep some distance between plants so as to avoid affected plants further affecting others around them. Also, water your plants at fixed daily intervals rather than doing so several times a day. Take as much preventive measures as you can. If your plants are attacked by garden pests you can follow some of the remedies as mentioned below:

Natural Remedies To Deal With Garden Pests

1. Create a natural pesticide and spray them on your plants on a weekly basis. If you have flower or vegetable plants make sure that you spray the concentrate on stems and the surface surrounding the plant rather than on the flowers or vegetables themselves. A natural pesticide can be created with detergent or parachlorometaxylenol (ex: Dettol). Aphids and other pests would definitely hate this. A normal schedule of spraying can go like this:
  • Weekday 1: Spray the natural pesticide
  • Weekday 3: Spray fresh water
  • Weekday 7: Spray the natural pesticide again
This can be continued as long as you aren't sure that the pest menace is dealt with. When you are sure that the pests are gone, you can increase the spraying schedule and have longer delays between pesticide sprays.

2. You can plant nasturtiums in your greenhouse which can help prevent whitefly infestation especially if you are growing broccolis.

3. Garlic can also be planted alongside plants. The strong odor of garlic acts as a great pest repellent.

4. You can put some salt around your plants. Salt can be a great pest tackler but do so sparingly. Salt can also cause damage to your plants. A better idea would be to put the salt in lesser quantities and at a proper distance from the plant.

Apart from the natural remedies you can use to take care of your plants, you can also opt for chemical methods. However, using chemical pesticides can be fatal to your plants or your children who play around your garden. As far as possible try to use natural methods to curb pests as this would not only be safe but won't harm your plants either.
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