Inexpensive Gift Ideas for Your Boss

A good boss makes his men realize they have more ability than they think they have so that they consistently do better work than they thought they could. Here are some gift ideas for your boss to thank him for all the good things he did for you.
| Friday, April 30, 2010
What do you regard your boss as; a good boss or a bad boss? This is hard to define because the behavior of any individual is more situational than his or her real nature. Labeling your boss as good or bad would hardly make a difference but what would matter is how you would react to similar situations that your boss faces. This would be even simpler to understand if you are able to answer a few questions below:
  1. Have you been living with a typical mindset that says 'bosses are always right'?
  2. You complain that you have never been appreciated by your boss, but have you ever taken up the initiative to appreciate your boss when you had the opportunity to do so?
  3. Do you think your boss would take your appreciation as an attempt to butter-up?
  4. Do you think your fellow colleagues would criticize your act?

Let us answer these questions one by one:

  1. If you talk logic and up to the point then you are certainly right. Never try to be your boss's boss, and then you would never be right.
  2. We generally tend to focus so much on our own self that we fail to understand others' situation. If you step into your boss's shoes, you will realize that he or she is also a normal individual like you who would like to be praised on handling situations effectively.
  3. Flattering your boss is not same as appreciating! It is all upon what gift you present, on what occasion and how you present. Expensive gifts not necessarily make good gifts and they might not be accepted as an appreciation.
  4. Don't keep your appreciations and praises just for your boss. Show a similar courtesy towards your fellow-colleagues as well and that would not leave them with wagging tongues.

Inexpensive gift ideas for your boss

  • Most simple token of gratitude would be a 'Greeting card'. A greeting card with an affectionate message is well accepted. A Greeting card may be presented to convey your best wishes on important occasions or to express your thankfulness when your boss supported you in achieving the task assigned.
  • Just like Greeting cards, flower bouquets are praiseworthy gifts! A flower bouquet, not a large one but small and cute is a good way of conveying gratitude.
  • A pen set, of a known brand, can be a good gift. In this case, the presentation matters. Pack it in a sober colored gift cover and top it up with a message card.
  • A small pack of chocolates will be great to present to your boss on special occasions.
  • If your boss likes to read books as a hobby the pick one at a nearby book store and present it. Then in this case you even need to know the kind of books your boss prefers reading. A book that does not match his or her taste would not do the needful.
  • Music CDs or Video CDs can be presented but again, it is better to understand the preferred choice of your boss.
  • Small gift articles like a table clock or a photo frame or a wall hanging is also a good gift idea. These items last long and hence the memory of receiving these as an appreciation gets encrypted in the mind. Lady bosses can be gifted a utility article like a small purse.
  • Hand made gifts convey sentiments in a more effective way, even though they are inexpensive.

To repeat once again, a popular quote says "the manner of giving is worth more than the gift". The cost does not matter as much as the intention does.

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