Unique Gift Ideas for Father's Day

Father's Day is an excellent opportunity to tell your father how much he means to you. You can make this day memorable for this special person by selecting the perfect gift. This article provides you with a list of unique gift ideas for father's day since your father deserves nothing but the best!
| Wednesday, June 09, 2010

God gave us parents since He realized that He could not be there all the time to watch over us and teach us the pattern that governs life. Father’s need to be told their importance since their contribution in our lives is immense. This father’s day take some time to tell your father how much you love him, sit with him and look at pictures of your childhood, take him out for a drive and dinner, play his favorite game with him or select a unique gift for him from this list of unique gift ideas for father’s day.

Personalized Gifts

Are you tired of buying your father the same gift year after year? Well, no more! With various shops and websites at your disposal today you can personalize a gift for him. You can have your picture and message put on anything ranging from mouse pads, caps, jackets, mugs, T shirts, ties, magazines of even wine bottles. Believe me no other gift can match this!

Adventure Gift Voucher

If your dad enjoys adventure then gift him an experience that he’ll fondly remember. This father’s day gift idea covers unique experiences that range from aerobatic joy flights, high-speed jet boat riding, flight simulation, rally driving as well as caving and abseiling.

Garage Parking Wizard

Is you father having a difficult time parking his car in the garage? If yes, you could get him a garage parking wizard. This unique father’s day gift is a very simple device that needs to be mounted on the front wall of the garage. Once that is done it can be programmed toyou’re your father know when the car is far enough inside the garage so that he can close the garage door.


If your father spends most of his time in the car and also loves keeping things organized then this is the ideal gift for him. As the name suggests the carganizer keeps things organized in the car. You can store CD’s, maps, keys, change and even drinks in it. Sounds like a useful and ideal gift, doesn’t it?

Portable Grill

The portable grill is another excellent father’s day present especially if grilling is what father likes to do. Cleverly designed the portable grill can be packed into the car and taken wherever he wants with ease. Beware your dad and his portable grill might just become the talk of town.

Gift Baskets

The father’s day gift basket ideas below have been written with your father in mind. With the choices provided I am sure that you will be able to get him the exact gift that would bring a smile to his lips and make him feel wanted and loved.

Gardening Gift Basket

If your dad loves tending to his plants and showing them off to family and friends then he will surely love a basket filled with gardening tools and accessories. You could fill the basket with a hand trowel, hand pruners, a packet of new and wonderful seeds, a pair of gloves and maybe a fun wind chime. Arrange these gifts neatly in the basket and while doing so don’t forget the bow!

Music Gift Basket

I feel music makes me relax and if your father feels the same then I am sure he would love a basket with assorted CD’s in them. All you need to do is go to the music store and get him a collection of the latest as well as old collection of jazz, country, pop and classical CD’s. You could also add a book i.e. a biography of one of the performers and also a pair of headphones in the basket.

Mystery Gift Basket

If you have grown up seeing your father spending a lot of his time reading then you could get him books especially ones that revolves around mysterious circumstances and people. You could get him books by his favorite author or a series of books that involves mystery. You can help create the perfect reading atmosphere by adding some nuts, cookies, tea or coffee bags as well as a personalized mug in the basket. This way he will have something to drink and munch while reading a good novel.