Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

Wedding anniversary is a wonderful occasion that brings back memories of the years that passed by in someone's married life. It is also the perfect occasion to celebrate and gift our loved ones. Here are some gift ideas for wedding anniversaries.
| Friday, March 05, 2010

Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas for a Wife

Flowers: Every woman loves flowers so this could be an ideal gift. If you have an idea of her favorite flowers then consider yourself lucky. But if you are unsure don't worry because you can select a bouquet of tulips, orchids and roses. Whatever you do, order the flowers well in advance and see her face light up when she receives them. You can also give her a beautiful card and a nice gift along with the flowers.

Fragrances: No woman will say no to perfumes and I am sure your wife is not different! If your wife has a favorite perfume get her a bottle of that if not find out discreetly what kind of perfume she likes. Does she like floral fragrances or does she like her perfumes strong? If you are still unsure get her small bottles of different perfumes wrap them up in some lovely wrapping paper and give them to her on your special day, I am sure she will love the fact that you remembered and bothered to find out what she likes.

Stuffed Toys: Give her something to hold when you are away! Yes, I am referring to those cute cuddly bears that do wonders for the soul. Get a huge teddy bear from the mall and place a large bow around its neck. Get a wedding anniversary card and put it in the center of the teddy and place it somewhere where it is the first thing she sees when she opens her eyes. She will love the surprise and you will be delighted to see the childlike smile on her face.

Clothes and Jewelry: If your wife is not love jewelry get her some this wedding anniversary. Jewelry makes a great wedding anniversary gift idea whether it is the 1st wedding anniversary or the 50th. You can select jewelry in yellow gold, white gold or platinum. Pearls also make a great anniversary gift. Clothes too are a great option especially if you know your wife's favorite color and the fabric she is comfortable wearing.

Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas for a Husband

Electronic Gadgets: This is the perfect gift for all technical savvy men and I am sure that your husband is no different. You can choose the appropriate gadget from the wide range available in the market, of course depending on your pocket.

Clothes: If your man likes to maintain a good collection of clothes then this would be the ideal 10th wedding anniversary gift idea since you would have a good idea about his likes and dislikes by then. You can buy him a stylish pair of trousers or give him an anti wrinkle shirt in his favorite color. Whatever you buy wrap it up well and give it to him along with a card that says everything you haven't had the time to tell him.

Portfolio Bags and Wallets: Anything in leather makes a great gift. There are a large variety of portfolio bags and wallets available in the market so it should not be difficult to select the appropriate one for that special someone. If you are too busy you can buy them online too!

Books and CD's: This gift is ideal for the man who spends time reading. If you don't know which book to buy you can gift him a subscription of his favorite magazine instead. CD's and VCD's make ideal wedding anniversary gifts too. You can create a perfect romantic evening with the right music, food and drinks. Enjoy!

Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas for Parents

Dinner or a Weekend Getaway: Every parent deserves to be treated well so take this opportunity to treat them to a dinner at a restaurant that serves their favorite food or get them the tickets and book them at a hotel to a place that they have been longing to see. As said earlier this is a perfect 50th wedding anniversary gift idea which they will cherish for years to come.

Electronic Gadgets: Simplify your parent's life by gifting them an electronic gadget. Find out what they need or just look around the house. Get them something really useful, if they like listening to music get them the latest music system or an iPod.  Do remember to also get a card and some chocolates and even a cake, of course provided they like them.

Family Portrait or Video: Any parent would love to fill their wall with pictures of their family members and I am sure yours is no different. A portrait makes an excellent 60th wedding anniversary gift idea so go ahead and have one done of the entire family. Get it done in either color or black and white depending on the décor of your parents' house. You can also take out your camera and get a nice video done of the entire family. Another option is to have it done professionally with messages for your parents.

Watches: Get your parents a nice pair of watches. Various brands have an excellent choice of watches for couples so I am sure that you will find the perfect pair. You could have them engraved with your names of leave them like that. Get a nice bouquet too and take it along with the gift. I am sure they will be surprised and their smile will make your day!

Wedding Anniversary Gifts Ideas for Friends

Decorative Items: Give your friends something to do up their house with and they will remember you for years to come. Visit the nearest store or search the Internet and you are sure to come up with show pieces that will add to their anniversary celebrations. Getting the gift personalized will add to the beauty.

Cookies and Cakes: Bake some delicacies for your friends and wrap them up in lovely baskets and gift it to them along with a card and some flowers. They are sure to love the fact that you took the time out to prepare the cakes and cookies for them. If baking is not your forte cook them a special meal.

Electronic Gadgets: Gadgets make an excellent wedding anniversary gift so you can get them something that they need. An oven or a music system anything depending on your budget. Make their day special by just showing them you care.

A bottle or Wine or Champagne: Gift them some drinks so that your friends can celebrate their wedding anniversary in style. Suitable for any wedding anniversary be it the 5th, 10th or 50th, wine and champagne make an excellent gift. Add a cute bottle opener with it to add your own special touch.

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