How to Color Hair Easily and Safely at Home

Coloring hair has gained vast popularity and is a fashion statement these days. Many spend huge amount of bucks from their pockets in a saloon just to alter the color of their hair. However with the latest hair coloring kits available in the market, you can now save time and money very easily by coloring your hair at the ease and comfort of your house.
| Sunday, February 08, 2009
With the growing hair coloring trends, both men and women seek to find out how to color their own hair, feel perplexed on where to begin from! Since many years women and men have explored the ways to augment their looks. One of the most frequent ways of changing and boosting appearances is hair coloring. Whether to conceal those pesky grey roots or purely because you are ready for a transformation, there are some crucial things to keep in mind before modifying the color of your hair.

Coloring Hair at Home
Our hair is always in a transitory phase, continuously growing and altering. Often investing lofty amounts of cash just to modify your hair color might seem a strenuous process. Coloring your hair and trying new styles at home might just be worth saving your hard earned money and a walk to the exorbitant parlor. Mentioned below are some handy tips to color your hair at home:

  • The Right Color
    Firstly select the right color that goes well with your skin color. Before purchasing the pack, have a close and attentive look at the color on the box. Read the instruction attentively, and re-read it so that you do not overlook an instruction and further make a clutter of your stunning locks.
  • Gather Paraphernalia
    Before you start applying the color on your hair, assemble all the necessary equipments like a pair of plastic gloves (they generally come along with the color), Vaseline, rough cloth to swab off the spill, a broad tooth comb, an old towel and a safety pin. You hair must be dirt free, dry and free from any chemicals.
  • Ready to Begin
    Firstly wear the shirt and put the towel around your neck with the safety pin. Now you are all set to commence. Now apply Vaseline around the hairline on your skin. This is to prevent the color from harming your skin.
  • Mixing the Color
    Now blend the color and other elements as per specified instructions. Use the comb to split the hair into four different sections. Begin by applying color to the roots and progressively work your way down. Continue piling your hair on the head as you continue coloring. It is recommended to have a few hair clips, so that you can easily pin your hair. This way, the colored hair will not get mixed up with uncolored hair. Always keep in minds that if you have lengthy hair, always arrange an additional kit. This way you will not run out of color while coloring your hair.
  • Wait to Dry
    After applying color on your hair, wait for it to dry. The directions with the coloring equipment will guide you as to how long you should keep the color on. Generally it doesn't take more than 25-30 minutes.
  • Rinse
    Rinse your hair after the time specified. Then apply conditioner, but do not shampoo. You must wait for 48 hours before applying shampoo to your colored hair. Thus your color will last longer.

Some Hair Coloring Tips

  • Don't forget to wear a dark colored shirt which you wouldn't worry about if stained. Most probably dribbles will occur and tarnish whatever you have on.
  • Put down a towel that is similarly as mucky as your shirt to catch probable dribbles and splatters that might drip from the bottle or your head.
  • Keep tissues handy to swab off any dye that drips on your arms, forehead, face or neck. This composition sets rapidly and will stain within no time.
  • Keep old newspapers handy or another towel on the place in the bathroom where you are coloring your hair. Expectantly this is in front of a mirror, since the whole coloring procedure is much easier when you can see yourself.

Some Benefits of Coloring Hair at Home
Coloring your hair at home is a cake walk if you know what you're doing

  • Flexibility
    The first reason is flexibility. If you are aware where you're beginning from, the outcome won't just be chance or estimation. To generate better results, it's a great idea to be aware of what you'll get before you begin the coloring procedure!
  • Choice
    The second motive is choice. You'll have many more alternatives of various colors available which will assist you in better achieving your target color!
  • Expenditure
    The third reason is cost factor! In a down-turned market, going to a salon every week or month can sure be an exorbitant process. Thus coloring at home can sure help you save a few bucks.
  • Convenience
    The fourth reason is ease. It's much easier to color your hair at home than to go to salons to get someone else do it for you, following a hour long appointment.
  • Worth
    The last reason is value. As a woman, you value your hair a lot. Spending some money on the equipments is sure worth the price to look gorgeous. Who wouldn't want it done safely, securely and with utmost care!?

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