Health Benefits of Green Tea

Have you started drinking green tea yet? If not, join the buzz now because you will be amazed at the ample health benefits that green tea offers.
| Thursday, November 18, 2010
It is certain that tea of all varieties is beneficial to our health. But some forms do foster good health. An excellent example is the Green tea! Though black tea is popularly consumed world over, Green tea is gaining more and more acceptance because of rich health benefits embedded within it. Looking beyond this amazing beverage would make you understand how much beneficial is it in safeguarding you from the threats of heart disease and cancer.

What is Green Tea?

Green tea is a form of tea that has passed through least oxidation procedure during its processing; making it highly enriched with antioxidants (substances that destroy free radicals in our body). Green tea itself now is available in different varieties as per the geographic location where it is grown.

Green tea has been used for its rich medical properties from centuries ago in many parts of Asia. Since the discovery of its antioxidant properties in modern times, Green tea has been an important experimental material to the medical technology field that has been constantly working on ways to extract maximum benefits from the product.

Green Tea's Magic Ingredient

Epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) is the magic compound that distinguishes Green tea from other varieties of tea. EGCG is known to have powerful antioxidant properties that is good for your health. It gets either destroyed or converted into other product during processing of other varieties of tea. Moreover Green Tea also contains Vitamins B, C and E.

Benefits of Drinking Green Tea

Hold a cup of Green Tea and feel the hidden benefits:

  1. Green tea is believed to reduce the risk of various kinds of cancer on regular consumption. One of the components keeps a check on the cancer cells.
  2. Green tea promotes ‘Good Cholesterol’ (HDL) in our body and lowers the ‘Bad cholesterol’ (LDL), thereby keeping away the threat of acquiring heart disease and stroke.
  3. People who are on a weight loss program need to add green tea in the diet regime. Some dietitians believe that green tea aids in burning off excess calories.
  4. Green tea is known to prevent aging of skin.
  5. Green tea is also believed to destroy bacteria in dental plaques thereby preventing tooth decay.
  6. In arthritic patients, green tea is known to prevent further damage of the cartilage. It also promotes healthy bones and thereby keeps away the threat of suffering from osteoporosis.
  7. Green tea boosts body’s immunity to keep away common infections.
  8. As an ancient medicine, green tea was also used as a diuretic (substance that promotes excretion of urine from the body).
  9. Green tea was also being used as an alternative medicine in controlling blood sugar in diabetic patients.
  10. Green tea is an excellent stress reliever!


Anything in excess is detrimental to the body! Green tea if consumed in excess cause insomnia (lack of sleep) and this is because it also contains caffeine in addition to the useful components. So it is advisable to not to increase the intake just to extract more health benefits. Some studies have proven the benefits of consuming high quantity of green tea to protect liver damage but it is highly essential to consult a competent medical practitioner before going for such therapies.

Green tea thereby is safe and beneficial to consume in the right limit. So make your day refreshing and energetic with green tea!

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