Joint Pain Relief Exercises

Lack of regular exercise along with wear and tear of muscles can be contributing factors to joint pain. Some specific exercises can help strengthen the muscles and thereby reduce joint pain. The following joint pain relief exercises can help in healing and strengthening of these muscles.
| Thursday, June 06, 2013

Joints are surrounded by muscles and these muscles support and protect the joints. As people age, wear and tear of the muscles occur causing stiffness in joints. This can be an extremely painful and debilitating condition. Bursitis is also among the primary causes of joint pain and in this the cushioning or sacs called as bursae that provide padding to the joints experience inflammation.

As the muscles weaken the joints are destabilized and this causes these problems of inflammation, pain, stiffness and restricted movement. It is impossible for people experiencing joint pain to even think of exercising but there are some exercises specifically directed towards providing joint pain relief.

These joint pain exercises together with a balanced diet and appropriate professional and medical guidance can help people live an active and healthy life. Before undertaking any joint pain relief exercises do keep in mind some of the following aspects:

  • Muscles need to be strengthened to reduce joint pain and so resistance training proves to be far more effective and vigorous than mere flexibility work outs. Aerobic exercises are also extremely important and can prove to be beneficial in offering joint pain relief.
  • While undertaking any exercise regime take appropriate guidance from a professional including your doctor. Develop an exercise regime slowly and don’t increase its intensity far too soon. Be consistent with your exercise regime. Inactivity can make the joint pain worse so always make it a point to avoid sedentary lifestyle.
  • Pilates can be among the most effective joint pain relief exercises since it aims at strengthening through  the stretching of groups of muscles in the body. Specific muscles such as those supporting the hips, knees, shoulders and spine are targeted. Since these exercises are designed to develop strength in muscles it helps in reducing the pressure on the joints and thereby is successful in effecting relief from joint pain.

Hip Joint Pain Exercises

Pilates directed towards alleviating hip joint pain aim to lubricate the hip joint and strengthen the upper leg and hip muscles. Pilates leg circles are effective in stabilizing the pelvis also. For Pilates leg circles you have to lie down on your back and extend one leg out on the floor. The other leg is to be extended either at a 90 degree angle or then it can be modified by bending it at the knee. Now rotate the leg in circles while ensuring that the torso is anchored on the floor.

Repeat it for 5 to 8 times in each direction.

Shoulder Joint Pain Exercises

These exercises are directed towards stabilizing the shoulder joint. For these exercises extend your arms at around chest height. Now protract the scapula which is done by pushing the arms out away and drawing apart the shoulder blades. Once this is done now retract the scapula by sliding together the shoulder blades.

Repeat this exercise around 10 times.

Exercises for Knee Joint Pain

Pilates reformer is used to strengthen the muscles around the knee joint. In case you don’t have the reformer then you can do these exercises by way of leg extensions using a small sized soft ball. Lie on the back and put a small ball between the knees. Now extend the legs and squeeze the ball. Your inner thigh will feel the stretching and while doing this ensure that your spine is flat. Bend your knees so that you are relaxed again.

Lie on some flat surface or the floor and ensure that the knees are bend and the feet are flat. Now bring one knee towards the chest. Lift the foot off and if you need you may tuck the hands under the thigh so that the leg is lifted. As you bring your knee towards the chest hold it in that position for around 10 seconds and then return to normal position.

Another exercise for the knees requires lying down on the floor so that the legs are straight. Now straighten the knee totally so that it has a tightening effect on the muscle above the knee. If this is properly done then the heel comes off the floor. Hold for up to 5 counts and return to normal position.

Wrist Joint Pain Exercises

Using dumbbells, curling of wrists or fingers can be done to help in strengthening the wrist and improving dexterity in fingers. For this lean forward in a chair so that your forearm rests on the thigh in a manner that the palm is facing upwards and the back of your hand hangs off the leg. Roll a weight out towards the finger tips and then curl the fingers so as to make a fist around it. Let the weight curl into the palm and do this slowly.

Repeat this exercise around 10 times for each hand.

Some other effective exercises include:

Side Bends: For this exercise put your hands on your hips. Now bend from your waist on one side and then come back to the original position.

Shoulder Shrug: Raise both your shoulders towards your ears and then return to normal position and repeat.

Another effective exercise can be done by sitting on a chair and crossing the legs just above your ankles. Push forward from the back leg and at the same time push backward from the front leg. Press evenly so that the legs don’t move. Hold for a count of 10 seconds and then relax.

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