Summary of Vietnam War

The Vietnam War is one of the many blood thirsty outbreaks that resulted because of the cold war between the two super powers, the United States and the Soviet Union. Following is a brief summary of the Vietnam war.
| Thursday, September 16, 2010
The Vietnam War struck somewhere between 1964 and 1975 between North Vietnam (Aided by the Soviet Union) and South Vietnam (Aided by the United States). It was fought in South Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia. In Vietnam the war is also popularly known as "War against the Americans and to Save the Nation".

Cause of the Vietnam War

Prior to the Second World War, Vietnam was a part of Indo-China which was under the rule of the French. During the war Indo-China was seized by Japan. Post World War when Japan surrendered, the Vietnam army resisted France in taking the control back. The communist and anti-communist system belief slit Vietnam into South and North.

The US pumped in resources in the form of training and support to South Vietnam, strengthening their military base. North Vietnam became cautious of these activities of the United States and South Vietnam. It began to improve its military strength and started charging against South Vietnam military units. Both the groups reciprocated each others actions by strengthening their respective army troops.

…and the war happened!

US troops entered South Vietnam and the land battles began. There were communism supporters as well in South Vietnam. This led to a great confusion in the minds of the American troops to distinguish between the South Vietnam communists and the civilians. North Vietnam supplied troops and ammunition for the war through Laos. America reciprocated with heavy bombing on Laos.

US Withdrawal and the End of the War

In the year 1973 a majority of American troops retreated from Vietnam and were replaced by trained South Vietnam troops. The war had claimed the lives of a huge number of US troops. Further influx of US army into the Vietnam battle was banned by the US Congress. South Vietnam thereby lost its major backbone. The troops continued to fight against North Vietnam only to be crushed. The defeat of South Vietnam in 1975 marked the end of the war. In 1976, North and South Vietnam became united under the name of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam. Many South Vietnamese fled from Vietnam and entered United States and Canada.

'Tricky Traps' Used in the War

This war saw the usage of innovative traps laid down for the South Vietnamese by the Vietcong. The basic disadvantage of these traps was that many a times the North Vietnamese would fall prey and injure themselves. In the present day these traps are still visible to the tourists. Precautions are taken to see that the tourists do not fall prey to some unearthed trap and end up with casualties. Following are some fighting techniques used during the war:

  • Use of Booby traps (holes in the ground surrounded by sharp nails) was made in the war. These were intended to injure the soldiers and not kill them.
  • 'Trip wires' connected to grenades was placed at number of places. A soldier who would trip over the wire would set the grenade off and get killed.
  • 'Venus Flytrap' would injure the soldier’s leg making him incapable of fighting.
  • The US army made use of chemicals to destroy crops, the effects of which are visible till the present day.
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