Interior Painting Ideas and Techniques

A well painted house has the capacity of a transforming a space into a welcoming environment filled with warmth and beauty. Interior painting ideas and techniques can allow people to experiment with different colors and materials to create different effects. The following article will explore these interior painting ideas and techniques in depth.
| Monday, December 22, 2008
Your house is not just a space where you relax but it is also an extension of your personality. The way your house is decorated and painted speaks volumes about you as an individual. People choose to paint their house so as to create a special atmosphere while some others may want to do it so that it suits the furniture in the house. Interior decoration can transform a drab room into a warm and cozy living space. There are a number of interior painting ideas and techniques that can be used to carry out this transformation and a large number of professionals also provide these services. Some aspects that are considered before painting interior of a house include the color combinations that can be used, the effects that are desired, the brand of colors that can be used and whether the painting is to be done through professionals or on your own.

Some important interior painting ideas and techniques include:
  • Before undertaking any interior painting techniques it would be advisable for people to visit the local hardware shops to see the different color brands and the color samples. Likewise such a visit would also give them the idea of how much color would be needed and other special technical requirements that are to be followed to get the desired effect.
  • While selecting colors keep in mind the furniture arrangement in each room before deciding on any particular color combination. Also consider other aspects such as lighting in the house and how the colors will look at different times of the day.
  • The type of paint selected will also determine the look and feel of the room. A flat paint is low in sheen and is the standard paint used for most walls. Satin paint on the other hand has a slight sheen and can be cleaned easily as compared to flat paint. Satin paint can be used on most walls but should be tested for the effect by using it on a small area of the wall. Semi gloss paint works best when used in the kitchen and can also be used in other areas like the bathrooms and the children’s rooms. Gloss paint has sheen to it and can be used to paint surfaces that are susceptible to attracting dirt and grime. Gloss paint can therefore be used in painting kitchen cabinets and doors and door frames.
  • Creating interesting textures and effects on walls is an important part of decorative painting. Some important decorative painting techniques include wall stenciling, faux painting and rubber stamping among others. In wall stenciling color is applied on the surface through cutout areas with templates and this creates a design. A stencil design can create patterns, flowers and images and can be used over the entire area with ease. In faux painting an object is painted to resemble something else. For E.g. paint is used to create an illusion of materials such as marble, granite and wood.
  • While selecting colors it is best not to use the brightest colors and neutral colors must be used instead. Before painting it is advisable to paint a small portion or area on the wall to check the effect.
  • To implement different room painting ideas and techniques the amount of paint should be selected considering the area of the room. Before undertaking painting of the wall the walls should be prepared. For this all lights, switches and other fixtures should be removed together with the furniture, drapes and other items in the room. All holes, cracks and dents should be patched with spackling and this should be allowed to dry. Sanding and scraping of the walls should be done so as to remove the loose paint and then a primer should be applied.
  • While painting bedrooms it is advisable to choose colors that are light and conducive to sleeping. Blue and other pastel shades are also popular color choices that can be used in the bedrooms. Ragging, stippling, grisaille and dragging are effective bedroom painting ideas that can give the bedroom a different and interesting look.
  • If you choose to use wallpapers then some important aspects should be kept in mind. Dark colored wallpapers will make the room seem smaller and so these should be selected with care. Wallpapers that have vertical stripes make the room seem taller while those with horizontal stripes make the room look wider. Some prints like small floral prints, linear prints and geometric prints can look  good in bedrooms.
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