Victorian Home Decor and Accessories

Are you looking to decorate your home with something that is not contemporary? Home decor from the Victorian Era might be just that what you are seeking. Read on to know more
| Thursday, February 26, 2009
Victorian Era or the Era during the sovereignty of Queen Victoria (1837-1901) was a period where home decoration was not just home decoration but something that would signify magnificence and brilliance of art work. Every piece right from chairs, tables, room colors, lamps or frames was crafted to perfection. It was a work that was simply resplendent, so be it the hallway or associated rooms. Apart from the use of natural lighting, indoor lighting too was designed to suit the room. The curtains and flooring resembled beauty at its best, seemed truly lifelike.

Exploring the Victorian Home Decor - Themes and Accessories
  • To start with consider metal hardware. Victorians had an impact from the Renaissance and basically reproduced different types of hardware. Some of them include, antique hangers, doorknobs, drawer pulls, etc.
  • Every other room was furnished with fireplaces of exquisite design. You can consider using marble fireplaces or even wooden ones that would do good for the effect.
  • Models, sculptures and pictures do help generate the Victorian theme effectively so you can opt to buy some of those that resemble the Victorian Era subtly. Moldings and ornamental plasterwork can sure add that extra touch to your homes but be wary of the price tags for the same as things like that can be a costly affair.
  • Stained glass works were particularly in heavy usage during the Victorian Era. Even though stained glass works can be costly, you can consider staining them yourself to save the cost.
  • The Victorian color scheme was dominated by lighting even though most of the portions were decorated dark. So, you might want to paint some walls with darker shades and let the lighting do the illumination.
  • Machine-made wallpapers were particularly popular during the Victorian Era. Consider using floral designs and tapestry wallpapers as this would bring the Victorian theme with full effect. Make sure not to overdo things and have full control as things can easily go haywire.
  • Victorian era resembled the use of ceramic ware more than metals. For dishes, cups or plates you can always go for authentic ceramic ware that would help you bring the desired Victorian effect.
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