Cheap Auto Insurance for Young Drivers

Possessing a car is every youngsters dream. It is not so difficult in converting this dream into a reality. The foremost step to safety will be to insure both, the car and the young driver!
| Sunday, September 12, 2010
Auto insurance for young drivers can be made cheaper rather than searching for a cheap insurance policy. ‘Logic’ is the key word. Auto insurance quotes are freely available with many insurance companies and can be searched on the internet. Cheap quotes would be hard to find because the young people fall under a high risk group in which the insurance premium rates are elevated. These quotes are bound by certain rules and regulations which are more or less common among most of the insurance companies.

Threats to the car may come from all directions with varying probabilities. The auto insurance for young driver has to offer all the features that are available with the regular vehicle insurances. The policy needs to cover not only damage caused to the vehicle due to accidents but also because of natural disasters or even loss caused due to some theft.

How to lower insurance costs for young drivers?

  • No fancies! The type of car does matter! It is essential to make a careful selection of the youngster’s car. High end cars have a higher insurance premium. An older version of the car will cost a lower insurance premium than the latest model. A car loaded with too many fancy accessories shoots up the premium costs. Other add-ons like decorative rims and expensive wheels should be avoided. Costly music systems and air conditioners may fall prey to thefts and cost a fortune to the car owner. These accessories are covered under a separate policy which adds to the overall premium cost. So at the initial stages of driving, it is advisable to keep the interiors costs to the minimum.
  • Use the vehicle to the minimum possible limit. The driver can earn discount insurance for such limited use of the car. Moreover a young driver has either very little or almost no experience of driving. Young drivers are more prone to accidents than experienced drivers.
  • Driving rules are not only to be understood but followed as well. Thorough training in driving is essential to avoid mishaps that could land the driver into trouble. Respecting traffic rules is important while driving to maintain a good driving record. Violating traffic rules frequently adds a bad name to ones records and may affect the insurance premium in future. Also with due respects to the traffic rules driving a car only after acquiring a valid driving license is sensible.
  • Selecting the coverage options in a balanced way can minimize the insurance premium. The young driver can give a thought to exclude the medical expenses cover if at all there is a personal injury. This can be done only if the driver already has a medical insurance cover that takes care of medical expenses during an accident.

Every insurance company would claim to offer cheap insurance policies. One needs to compare the offers in every possible combinations of the insurance coverage. The marketing gimmicks lure the customer to own the insurance policy. Whether the insurance policy is cheap or not, depends entirely on the requirements of the policy buyer.

Going for the perfect car insurance policy is not an easy game. It requires a thorough study of ones own personal needs and an understanding on how this insurance concept works. So it is advisable to design your insurance in your way to make it affordable.

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