Pregnancy Life Insurance

Life is precious and a pregnancy life insurance cover is an excellent way to ensure that your life is covered in case of any incident that might take place while giving birth. Read on to know about pregnancy life insurance.
| Sunday, July 18, 2010
Nothing is more special then awaiting the arrival of a child. Visits to the hospital, buying new clothes and accessories, doing up the child’s room…everything combined helps make this the most important event for parents as well as family and friends. If you are expecting a child, enjoy and savor every moment, read books on parenting, check out websites that offer information on the growth of your unborn child and also remember to get a pregnancy life insurance cover done, it’s an intelligent way to make sure that you and your family are covered from any danger that might be lurking around!

Pregnancy insurance is important and should ideally be done before you get pregnant. Of course if you haven’t done so then you should get one done while in the first or second trimester.  To get a life insurance while pregnant meet up with your doctor for a physical examination early in the pregnancy. The information that you receive from your doctor will help the insurance company to process your request. While you are at the doctor’s also get an early pregnancy cholesterol level test done as your cholesterol levels may be elevated during this time. With this result also keep in handy previous cholesterol level results as this may prove useful since every insurance company has different requirements when it comes to providing insurance coverage during pregnancy. An insurance coverage during pregnancy is important because this stage could be filled with complaints that range from high blood pressure that could lead to hypertension and even toxaemia, gestational diabetes as also other conditions that might put the mother at risk. If there are any other medical conditions that too might get aggravated in the case of pregnancy.

Of course if you want to be safe and even save on the premium amount it is best to get a life insurance coverage done before pregnancy. Most insurance companies increase the premium amount so you might have to pay about 50 percent more on premiums. The reason for this being problems like high blood pressure and gestational diabetes as also other conditions that might get aggravated at this stage. Most insurance companies are also reluctant to cover pregnant ladies because of the risk of post natal depression. When filling up the life insurance form remember to be completely honest about your previous medical conditions as even though they might not be evident now most conditions advance rapidly during pregnancy. Conditions that are not already picked up also become detectable and dominant at this stage. Don’t take things lightly if your job involves traveling or you plan to do that while pregnant, get yourself covered with a pregnancy travel insurance cover. Remember it is always wise to be prepared especially when it comes to doing something for your loves ones!

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