Team Building Strategies

Every human is gifted with unique talents. But identifying and pooling these talents and placing them towards the right direction can be regarded as 'super talent'. This is what we term as Team building‘.
| Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Team Building Skills

Teams cannot be built just by bringing people together. It takes natural abilities to form a team that would score above individualistic talents. Team building skills cannot be acquired through books and other referrals. It improves through experience and regular interactions with the people in ones surroundings.

Team building motivation is another important aspect of extracting exceptional performance from every team member. Every individual has a different way and level of getting motivated. Some may be motivated only with promotions, some by monetary hikes, and some even by verbal appreciations. It would certainly not be appropriate to create any bias in these regards as it may hurt ones self-esteem.

How to Build a Team or Formulate Team Building Plans?

  • It is vital to understand individual characteristics of every team members, be it strengths or weaknesses. When the individual skills within a team complement each other the synergistic effect in the overall performance can be sensed.
  • Every team member should be allotted a task keeping in mind his or her talent and interest. The individual goals and related rewards of achievement must be made absolutely clear.
  • The level of 'faith' decides the 'fate' of the team. Relations between team members and the leader remain healthy if only faith is embedded within them. Team members need to be more receptive and verbal rather than maintaining silent communication.
  • Socialism through informal gatherings work like magic in holding team members together. So it is essential to organize such get-togethers often.
  • It is important to discuss issues related to job tasks openly among the team. This can keep away interpersonal conflicts as every member would be interested to contribute ideas in formulating a solution.
  • Leaders need to be highly proactive in sensing any misunderstandings that might be arising among team members. Any minor conflict, if not solved at the right time, can bloom into a bigger problem.
  •  'Favoritism' may be a natural characteristics with some people but it is important for a leader to not to act in a biased manner. This can certainly give rise to disputes.
  • One of the most vital points in maintaining good relations among the team is not to shy away from appreciating good work or apologizing for a mistake. Kind words like 'Thank you' or 'I am sorry' do not degrade ones position. When one is open enough to give a negative feedback same must be followed in case of a positive feedback.

Team Building Games and Activities

Leaders need to continuously keep up the motivation among the team. There ways and activities as follows:

  • Leaders need not wait for occasions or social gatherings to bring the team together. Good surprises are always welcome. Examples: Putting forward a puzzle to solve when the work is on; making a surprise announcement of a snacks treat; sharing a joke among the group. These techniques are a good mind relaxing exercises.
  • Organization short games in free time or midst of work, like solving quizzes, making small words out of large words, solving crosswords, tongue twisters etc.
  • Games that can be organized during gatherings are, Tug-of-war, performing some act or short drama, treasure hunt, passing the parcel etc.
  • Celebrating every small achievement as and when it happens improves relations among team members.
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