How to Identify and Avoid Work at Home Scams

There are a large number of companies offering work at home opportunities. These opportunities promise high returns in quick time but almost all of them are scams. This article is meant as a guide that will help you identify and avoid work at home scams.
| Friday, January 16, 2009
A large number of people these days have opted out of conventional jobs that require their attention over long hours. Instead they have chosen to work from their homes. Legitimate work at home jobs allow people to take work as per their comfort. However the possibility of work at home scams has increased manifold and every year thousands of individuals find out that the opportunities offered to them and the money promised is not really true. Work at home scams cost millions of dollars every year. If you are informed then you can avoid being a victim of these work at home scams.

A few tips on how to identify and consequently avoid work at home scams have been listed below:

Identifying work at home scams becomes easier if you know the modus operandi of these scams. It is also important that you keep in mind some business opportunities that primarily aim at taking advantage of you. Some of them may even be legitimate. One of the oldest work at home scams includes stuffing envelopes and even assembling items within your house. Another kind of scam is where you are offered help to start your home based business in the role of a mystery shopper or a network marketer. The key to identifying these work at home scams is to remember that most of these scams demand an initial fee from people. If you pay the fee then after you complete the work your work is often rejected as being below standard. Another scam is where you are asked to pay money and then you receive instruction to place an ad similar to one that is already placed asking other people like yourself to pay the fees. So if you want to know how to avoid work at home scams then the general rule is that you should avoid any business opportunity that promises windfall and demands an initial fee. Pyramid schemes are also common work at home scams. Pyramid schemes require you to bring in other people more than selling any of the products. Pyramid schemes do not make money by selling products to customers but aim to make money from other hopeful sellers or entrepreneurs like you. These schemes therefore require people to make a purchase so that you can become a full time participant and receive any potential benefits. But in reality a person never gets to see any of the earnings that are promised through the advertisements.

Before you opt for any work at home schemes ensure that you determine what kind of work you will be needed to perform. Also determine how you will be paid and what the fees are. Determine how long the company has been functioning or been in business and get all the information about the products so that you will know whether the company is product focused. It is important to remember that operating from a home based business needs a lot of hard work and it is practically impossible to achieve the high profits as promised by these businesses. Remember to exercise caution regarding mails that offer work at home opportunities. These tend to be unsolicited mails and tend to be fraudulent. In case you decide to accept any work at home opportunities get references of other people who are working with the company. Ensure that the work is something that can be legally done. Ensure that you are aware of the refund policy. Avoid any opportunities that offer an advance on your pay. When you deposit the check, you get the information that you have been paid the wrong amount and they ask you return the money. When you return the money the check you deposited bounces. Find out reliable and legitimate companies that hire individuals that work from home and only then choose to accept work from such companies.
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