Dog Labor Signs and Symptoms

Like humans, dogs also experience discomfort when in labor. It is this fact that makes it important to know the symptoms of labor in dogs.
| Sunday, May 20, 2012

It is important to know when your dog is in labor. This will help you to get timely assistance and advice of a medical veterinary or a professional if the need arises. Following are some dog labor symptoms that will help you make informed decisions on time.

Signs of Dog Labor

1. Drop in Temperature

Before your dog gives birth its temperature may drop to around 97-98 degrees, this happens approximately 24 hours before it is time. In case your dog does not begin labor around 24 hours since its temperature drops it is important that you contact your local vet.

2. Lack of Hunger

Most female dogs refuse to eat before they go into labor. This is thus another tell tale sign of labor.

3. Searching for a Safe Place

If your dog feels it is time it may try and hide in dark places for e.g. under your bed or your backyard. This generally happens because a dog requires a safe and quiet place for whelping. If your dog does this try and move it back to its whelping box so that you can help it deliver its puppies.

4. Shivering and Vomiting

In most cases shivering and vomiting are signs that the dog is in labor. If your dog is doing so take care of it by ensuring that fresh water and a nice bed are available.

5. Yelping

Dogs are usually confused and in extreme pain when contractions occur. In case your dog whines or yelps you can be sure that it is the contractions and thus time.

Apart from the above your dog may also stay close to you and stare at you lovingly when it is time. In some cases dogs also frequently take care of business just so that it does not have to leave its young ones alone during whelping. It is also important to remember that there are cases when there are no symptoms to dog labor. In that case it becomes extremely important to know when your pregnant dog was bred. In case you can’t see any of the signs listed above just follow your instincts.

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