Telekinesis for Beginners

You can learn telekinesis by believing in yourself and the powers you possess. Read on to know about telekinesis for beginners. Telekinesis involves moving an object just by thinking to do so and without any application of physical force. Keep on reading to explore the world of telekinesis.
| Friday, October 24, 2008
Growing up Leo had always been intrigued by physic phenomenon, especially spoon bending. Every day after school he would spend hours on the Internet trying to gather information about Telekinesis. That’s when he found out about telekinesis for beginners, which was a ray of hope for Leo. Of course he knew that it would not be easy but he was willing to work hard and learn about the true power all humans possess.

Coined by Alexander N. Aksakof, a Russian Physical researcher, Telekinesis is an ability with which objects can be bent or moved with the power of the mind. This term is used to include things like moving, lifting, spinning, bending and the breaking of objects. All this with just the use of mental powers! The theory behind telekinesis is that every human is made up of energy which can be manipulated. It is this manipulation which causes objects to be moved or bent with just the power that is present in the mind. All of us posses this power within us and it is possible to get in touch with these powers and use them. A good amount of concentration and practice is all that is required to bring this ability to the fore.

To practice spoon bending it is important to harness the core energy that is present in every being. It is also important to direct that energy in a method that brings about the results that you are interested in. Here is the technique that you can use:

  • To begin with meditate on your chi center. This is the area that is located just a little below your belly button. This exercise helps focus your mind on the area which helps build up energy in your chi center and then redirects this energy up to the body and then our via the hands.
  • Now use your thumb and index finger to grip the spoon. Once you have done that, rub it lightly. When you do this, you will feel the chi energy transferring from your hands into the spoon.
  • Next when you feel that there is a difference in the energy built up, slowly put a little pressure on the spoon. If there is enough energy produced in your body, the spoon will bend.

If you do not manage to bend the spoon at the first instance, do not worry. Like everything in life, telekinesis also takes a lot of practice. All you need to do is believe in yourself and allow the spoon to bend. Remember everything in life is possible if only you open your heart and allow the transformation to take place!

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