Flowers Buying Guide - How to Buy the Right Flowers

Flowers are a universal symbol of friendship and love. Selection of flowers for a person depends on the kind of relationship you share with the person, that individual's personality and your budget constraints among other aspects. Read on to know how to buy the right kind of flowers.
| Thursday, January 08, 2009
Flowers have always been used to communicate romantic attachments. This tradition started from early 1900s when young men would often present a red rose to their lady love as a symbol of their love and deep attachments. Flowers have therefore played an integral role in forming strong bonds. With time these beautiful flowers have also been used to symbolize other close relationships including friendship. People today choose to buy fresh flowers and give them to their near and dear ones as these flowers can convey a simple and yet a powerful message. Flowers are suitable for almost every occasion and depending on the relationship and its depth along with the budget restraints one can buy different types of flowers. Some simple pointers can help people learn how to buy the right flowers

How to Buy the Right Flowers
  • Buying flowers from your local florist can be a simple task if you keep in mind the important fact that simplicity and tastefulness need to be the keys while selecting the flowers. When you buy fresh flowers, presentation should be given particular importance as this can make or break the beauty of the flowers and the bouquet.
  • In keeping with the aspect of simplicity excessive use of ribbons and other ornaments should be avoided as this can destroy the natural beauty of the flowers. You can buy flowers in bulk from supermarkets and now it is also possible to buy flowers online. If you choose to buy flowers in bulk then ensure that the flowers do not have broken stems or any wilted petals.
  • Bouquets from supermarkets can be tasteful, but be selective in choosing one. Examine the flowers carefully for broken stems or wilted petals. Most people choose to give bouquets and these bouquets can look predictable. If you want to give some uniquely different flowers then you can buy tropical flowers and use brown butcher paper instead of the usually cellophane. You can then use a simple string to secure the flowers and make a beautiful bunch out of them.
  • When you buy fresh flowers you can choose some lovely red roses or some baby’s breath as these are classically used in a bouquet. The selection of flowers depends on certain aspects such as the person for whom the flowers are being selected, the occasion for which the flowers are to be given and the budget. You should select the flowers based on the personality of the person to whom they are to be given. For eg: If a person is energetic and modern and if your budget is limited then you can choose to buy cheap loose flowers and put them together in a beautiful bunch. If you want to try something different then you can combine some bold flowers like Sunflowers with some other subdued flowers to create an interesting mix or bouquet. While selecting the flowers keep in mind the color of the flowers, the shape of the flowers along with the foliage they have, the size of the flowers and the quantity and fragrance of the flowers.
  • If you have to use flowers in the decor of a wedding then instead of selecting the traditional and routine bouquets you can buy inexpensive loose wedding flowers and create customized arrangements from them. Alternatively you can also choose to buy artificial flowers to create trendy arrangements. However if you buy artificial flowers ensure that they do not look too gaudy and suit the wedding décor.
  • While arranging the flowers ensure that they are cut on the bottom inch portion of the stems so that they can absorb enough water. Many bouquets these days also come with some preservatives that can be added to the water so that the life of the bouquet can be extended.
  • There are a number of websites that allow you to buy flowers online. It is easier to shop for flowers online since these websites also have a lot of interesting offers that the local florists may not have. Online websites deliver the flowers on the designated time at the designated address without any problems. Before you follow steps to buy flowers online check the reviews from the customers for their services.
  • Some flowers convey some specific feelings.  Depending on what each flower stands for an appropriate selection can be made. Rose stands for love, grace, fidelity. Chrysanthemum stands for truth and love while daffodil stands for chivalry. Daisy stands for innocence while sunflower stands for devotion. Tulip is used for declaration of love while violet stands for modesty and virtue.
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