Sweet Potato Fries Recipes

Looking out for something to munch when your favorite television show is to be featured? Treat yourself with amazing easy to make sweet potato fries.
| Tuesday, December 07, 2010
Did you ever imagine that the most popular snacks like sweet potato fries which you enjoy at the food outlets are so simple to prepare. All you need to have is the sweet potatoes, some oil and seasoning agents. And moreover the preparation time is so less. So quickly grab some sweet potatoes and race to the kitchen to give you a crispy treat.

Sweet Potato Fries Recipe

  1. Take some sweet potatoes and peel the skin off (some people keep the skin because of its food value).
  2. Cut the sweet potatoes into strips depending on your preferred length and thickness. To make them look more impressive try to cut them into equal length and thickness.
  3. Deep fry the strips in a vegetable oil till they appear golden brown in color.
  4. It’s now time to season the stuff to make it more tangy and yummy! Sprinkle some salt, garlic powder and some pepper.
  5. Your sweet potato fries are ready to be relished along with some sauce. You can opt for mayonnaise, tomato sauce, liquid garlic cheese or mustard sauces.

Who has not heard of the French fries? Well, these are nothing but deep fried sweet potato strips. French fries had been a broader term which included fried onions or meat as well. The fried potatoes became more popular. So with the recipe in front, you now are ready to prepare the French fries on your own.

Baked Sweet Potato Fries Recipe

  1. The initial procedure of cutting the sweet potatoes into strips remains the same.
  2. Apply some vegetable oil over the strips. Calorie-conscious people can mind not to use more oil or prefer Olive oil which is healthier.
  3. Sprinkle some seasoning agents like salt, pepper and garlic as per the choice. You may also spread some cheese over the fries before placing them in the oven to be baked.
  4. Lay the seasoned fries on a baking sheet. Bake for around 15 to 20 minutes at 400 degrees. If one prefers crispier fries then bake for a few minutes further.
  5. Serve hot along with some tomato or any spicy sauce.

Baked fries are more preferable than the ones fried in vegetable oil because of the lesser use of oil. They can also be called as 'Oven fried sweet potatoes' and keep away excess oil and do not add to the calories.

Sweet Potato Chips

Chips are also wonderful snacks that one can enjoy any time of the day.

  1. Peel off the sweet potatoes and cut into two halves.
  2. Make thin slices using a slicer device of the food processor.
  3. Place the slices in a bowl with some ice cubes or soak in some ice water for about an hour.
  4. Drain off the water and place the slices on a paper tissue to absorb the water.
  5. Deep fry the slices in vegetable oil till golden brown in color.
  6. Drain off the excess oil by using a paper tissue.
  7. Sprinkle some salt and serve the crispy treat.

Potato chips can be prepared more in quantity but remember to store the chips in an air-tight container to avoid them getting soggy.

So who all are you calling over for a sweet potato fries or chips treat? There is more delight that you can add to these recipes which is entirely on your taste perception and innovativeness.

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