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Shopping for antiques can be an exhilarating experience. But not many people know many authentic antique shops. Through this article get to learn more about antique shopping and antique stores.
| Thursday, November 27, 2008
An antique may be defined as an object that belongs to an era in the past and is considered valuable because of its craftsmanship, age etc. The word antique comes from "antiques" which is a Latin word and which means "ancient". The common denominator for classifying an item as antique is the age of the item. Some antique experts define a particular item as antique only if it is made of a particularly known one-of-a-kind and well documented design or a particular quality.

A large number of people are interested in identifying antique items and bargaining and collecting them. These antiques can include furniture items, kitchen items, jewelry, sculptor and paintings, coins etc. These antiques can be made of wood, porcelain and glass among other materials. There are a large number of antique shops selling rare and interesting antique pieces. Following are few of the interesting antique stores, antique shops and other places like flea markets in United States that are well known for their impressive collection of antique items and artifacts.

Olde Good Things

Olde Good Things is one of the most unique antique shops located in Chelsea, New York. This store has a wonderful collection of pre-war antique items collected and salvaged from many of the pre war buildings in New York. This store has an interesting collection of stained glass, hardware items and mantels among other things for homes and gardens.

Manhattan Art and Antiques Center
This place has a fascinating collection from over a hundred galleries and has items like clocks, glassware, coins, and tapestries among other items on display.

Fanelli Antiques
For those searching for antique watches, clocks and wall clocks Fanelli Antiques has a huge selection on offer.

Showplace Antique Center
This is one of the best antique stores located in New York near Madison Square Park and has a fabulous collection of furniture, European antiques, rugs and other vintage stuff.

Center 44
This store is located over an area of 25,000 square feet and is an antique shopper's paradise. Center 44 has a huge variety of vendors that have gorgeous antiques on offer.

Antiques at Pike Place
Located in Seattle this place is like a cauldron filled with large number of antique stores and vendors displaying fabulous collection of antique items. From a newbie in the area of antique collection to a serious collector, everyone is bound to find something interesting in this place. The items on display include original vinyl records, antique tea sets and many other items.

Capitol Furnishings
If you are looking for some antique furnishings then Capitol Furnishings in New York is amongst the best antique stores having a wide range of vintage furniture on display. Beautiful chandeliers, chairs, lamps and other antique accessories can help you decorate your house.

Big Pagoda
For classic and modern Chinese furniture you can visit the Big Pagoda located in San Francisco. This store has a fabulous collection of lighting and other accessories.

Thunder Bay Antiques
For beautiful antiques from Asia and Morocco, you can go to Thunder Bay Antiques located in New York. They have an in-house team creating furniture from salvaged barns and they also offer restoration and refinishing services. Here are some other fantastic options where you can pick your antique items. These are amongst the most popular flea markets and a favorite haunt of serious and newbie antique collectors looking for interesting home decor and other quirky items.
  • Daytona Flea and Farmer's Market located in Florida is open all year round on Friday through Sunday.
  • Kane County Flea market located in St Charles, Illinois opens every Sunday.
  • The Austin County Flea Market is open year round on weekends.
  • The Brimfield Antiques Fair held in New England, Massachusetts is the biggest antiques fair held outdoors in the entire country.
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