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Time is precious and we cannot afford to waste it. Technologies constantly bring in new ways to ease our day-to-day tasks. Online Grocery Shopping is one such blessing. Happy Shopping!
| Wednesday, July 14, 2010
One morning on a cozy Sunday you wake up, walk towards the kitchen to prepare a cup of tea. Oops! The jar of tea powder turns out to be empty! There is no other option left with you but to rush to a nearby grocery shop and buy a new pack of tea powder. Surprises good or bad are a part of life. The facilities available today can keep you better prepared for such clumsy negligence.

Since ages we have been following a typical pattern of buying grocery. First thing we do is make a list of the items that are going to be exhausted in the next few days. Earlier there were limited shops for purchasing the grocery and then came the shopping malls for convenient shopping. All we have to do is pick up the credit card, walk into the mall, make the purchases, and pay through the credit card. Free home delivery services make it easy for our purchase to be dropped at our doorstep. To make things furthermore simpler, how about making purchases online? Shopping just a ‘click’ away!

Buying Groceries Online, Simplifies Shopping!

All household commodities are visible on your computer screen along with basic details. All that the user needs to do is subscribe for the facility and then with just a click make the necessary purchases, make an online payment and receive the goods at the doorstep. Consumers can carry our all the functions that the normally do in a shopping mall, like price comparisons, checking for discounts and schemes, collecting coupons etc.

What’s Good About Online Shopping?

  • Time saving concept – Today ‘Time’ is very valuable and cannot be wasted after things that give no returns. Online shopping becomes highly advantageous to people with hectic schedules.
  • No more efforts of walking into the mall to shop.
  • No gas / petrol wastage and no vehicle parking headaches. Some malls charge for vehicle parking which can be saved with online shopping.
  • No hurdles like bad weather like during heavy rainfall or a snowfall
  • No standing in queues at the billing counter.
  • The online shopping malls also offer attractive discounts to its regular shoppers.
  • Excellent shopping facility for the aged ones.
  • Online shopping is cheaper than the conventional mode of shopping.
  • Shopping in malls involves additional expenses like on food or clothes or toys for kids apart from buying the grocery.
  • Moreover, online shopping is a ‘nature-friendly’ way of shopping. No wastage of paper for shopping bills, no excessive usage of plastic bags and so overall no pollution.

What’s Bad About Online Shopping?

  • Shopping in a mall today is not just for the sake of shopping but also a source of mind relaxing entertainment. One really enjoys the brightness, the decorations, and the cheerful crowd around. This cannot be enjoyed with online shopping.
  • Online shopping does not let you judge the quality of the product. There are chances of receiving expiry or near expiry products, the exchange of which involves wastage of time and energy.
  • Walking down into the mall and picking up your grocery can be a good exercise too.
  • Online shopping is a bit expensive than the conventional mode of shopping.

Acceptance to new ideas is not easy for any human. Ethically speaking, it becomes a duty of every person to educate and convince the masses on concepts that are not only advantageous to oneself but the mankind.

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