Wedding Silk Flower Arrangements

Wedding is the most important occasion in every individual's life. The wedding flowers which are a part of the wedding tradition can make the occasion a memorable one. Read about wedding flowers including wedding silk flower arrangements through this article.
| Wednesday, January 14, 2009
Flowers are an integral part of any wedding ceremony. Flowers look beautiful as center pieces in the reception and transform a normal room into an extraordinarily beautiful setting suitable for a wedding, Different varieties of flowers can be selected based on the setting and wedding flower arrangements if beautifully done can really make the occasion a memorable one. For this purpose it is important that the most perfect flowers are selected for the wedding flower arrangements. While opting for wedding reception flower arrangements it is important to select vibrant colors and flowers that are fresh. The color scheme selected should be bold or neutral depending on the choice of the bride and the groom. Some other aspects that are considered while selecting bridal flower arrangements include the size and volume of flowers and price range.

Using fresh flowers in bridal flower arrangements can add to the beauty of the occasion as fresh flowers have always been a part of wedding traditions. Fresh flowers also smell wonderful. Traditional bridal bouquets are often full and round and include pastel blooms but you can choose to select some other flowers too. You can choose to have round bouquets or square ones. While making flower arrangements you can choose to have something different like a bunch of simple blooms. The flowers selected should match the personality of the bride. You may be confused about how to add sparkle to your flower arrangements" For this you can add interesting embellishments to the bouquets such as rhinestones, ribbons, feathers and beads. While deciding on how to make flower arrangements selecting the wedding bouquet is one of the most important aspects. The bride throws the bouquet at the wedding and therefore choosing the right kind of bouquet is crucial. The bouquet selected can be one that is cascade style or round or then hand tied. Cascade style wedding bouquets are set in layers and the flower arrangements follow the main bouquet. Cascade bouquets look good for traditional weddings. Round bouquets have a greater number of flowers and it can involve different flowers and colors. The hand tied bouquets on the other hand have long stemmed flowers that are arranged in a different style and a ribbon is tied that displays the long stems. This style of bouquet is popular and used often in many modern weddings. The bouquet should also compliment the wedding gown. Cascade bouquets can make you look slim and a hand tied bouquet suits a taller bride. Orchids, roses and lilies are popular choices of flowers in the bouquets.

While many people use real flowers for their special day many others choose to opt for silk flower arrangements. The silk flower arrangements look exquisite and are also quite simple to arrange. One of the greatest benefits of silk flower arrangements is that they also cost much less. If you are wondering how to make silk flower arrangements then it will help you to know that silk flowers come in wide varieties. You can choose from something as simple as a sunflower to other exotic varieties like orchids, tiger lilies, gerberas etc. Silk flower arrangements also come in preset bouquets and some even include wreaths, candle stands etc. High quality silk flowers do not look artificial or plastic and so many people use silk flower arrangements. They also need minimum care and can last a long time. You can also play around with the arrangements of silk flowers in such a way that is completely different and that ordinary natural flowers wouldn’t allow. If you are getting married outdoors or in climate that is hot then it would best for you to use silk flower arrangements since natural and fresh flowers may become droopy in that weather.
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