2010 Winter Olympics, Vancouver

Once each 4 years, the gaze of the world resort to respite on one specific city or town: the location of the World Olympics, where the all the action will take place. This year, in the 2010 Vancouver Olympics, the global limelight will be on Whistler, habitat to Blackcomb, top skiing place of the globe for more than ten successive years now.
| Friday, January 29, 2010
It is the first occasion for Vancouver to be the host for the 2010 Winter Olympics, together with Whistler as the location. This is not the foremost time, nevertheless, that Vancouver will be the host of an intercontinental occasion since it has already hosted the World Fair Expo in the year 1986. As one of the prime towns in which to reside around the globe and as one of the highest mounting financial systems in Canada, it is with conviction that Vancouver will congregate to the task. Being used to such brilliant principles in its amenities and a premium quality of life among its populace, Vancouver will have no difficulty in any way while being the host of this esteemed World Olympics for the first time.

The Vancouver Olympic Games will start in February, 2010. Vancouver was honored with these Olympic Games after closely beating contending towns like South Korea, Pyeongchang, and Salzburg, Austria. This will be the 2nd Winter Olympics being hosted by Canada and the 3rd Olympics being held on the whole. Montreal hosted the Summer Games in the year 1976 and Calgary hosted the Winter Games in the year 1988.

The Winter Olympics are a global multi-sports meet held after every 4 years. They mark ice/snow based sports. Events like cross-country skiing, alpine skiing,  figure skating, Nordic combined, ice hockey, speed skating and ski jumping,  have been  held at each Winter Olympic Games ever since their commencement. Other events like, bobsled, short track speed skating, and freestyle skiing have been appended over the past few years.

The 2010 Winter Olympics will be hosted by several diverse sites in the region of Vancouver, British Columbia. Vancouver will be hosting figure skating, hockey, short track skating and few Paralympics events. Whistler, will be hosting the cross country skiing, alpine skiing, luge events and bobsled. West Vancouver will be hosting the freestyle skiing while Richmond will be hosting the long track speed skating.

The earliest Winter Olympics were organized in Chamonix, France in the year 1924. Before the primary apt Winter Olympics, ice hockey and figure skating were incorporated as games in the Summer Olympics. The Games have been organized after each 4 years ever since that time, with a disruption from the year 1940-48 owing to the World War II. In the year 1992, the Winter Games divided from the Summer Games timetable in an effort to draw additional marketing funds.

There have just been a few numbers of nations to host the Winter Olympics Games. As stated above, this will be Canada's subsequent chance to host the 2010 Winter Olympics Games. Other nations to host the Games two times have been Japan, Italy, Norway and Austria. France has hosted the Winter Olympic Games thrice while the America has hosted the Winter Olympic Games 4 times. The subsequent Winter Games is planned to be hosted by Sochi, Russia in the year 2014, launching the foremost time that Russia will be hosting an Olympic Winter Sports event.

Therefore, if you are looking forward for the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics then you ought to prepare and book your accommodation and travelling well in advance. It would be sensible to map your Vancouver tour as soon as possible, as the accommodation alternatives and tickets may be out of stock very soon. Thus, without giving a second thought, order your 2010 Olympic Vancouver tickets right away. Vancouver 2010 Olympics is surely a must see event. Hence, steel yourself for a life span experience and take pleasure in the enchantment of 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics.

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