Archery Game: Types of Arrows and Bows

The game of archery involves use of a bow or a crossbow to shoot arrows aimed at targets. Traditional archery involved use of the same for hunting and combat. Today it has become one of the most fascinating precision sport. Read on to know more about this amazing game and get to know about the various different types of arrows and bows used in archery.
| Thursday, November 06, 2008
Bows are thought to be invented 15,000 years ago during the middle part of the stone age (Mesolithiclate Age) and as late as the Paleolithic Age (750,00 B.C. to 500,000 B.C.). Its oldest use can be seen in European regions. The invention and use of arrows on the other hand, dates back to emergence of very early and ancient civilizations even back when cave men used stone spearheads to hunt for animals. As time evolved, arrows were improvised and were prominently used for hunting and combat by early English, German, Swedish and Egyptian civilizations. The most prominent use of bows and arrows came by the Persian, Parthian, Indian, Chinese, Japanese and Korean civilizations. Archery saw a decline in its combat use with the advent of gun powder and firearms. However, the game continued to thrive in the competitions and gaming domains. Today, more improvised and advanced components of archery are in practice such as the use of modern recurve and compound bow.

Types of bows used today by archers for hunting or during competitions:
  • Recurve Bow
    The recurve bow is the exclusive Olympics bow and is very good for rookie archers. It is often made from laminated carbon or fiber-glass.
  • Reflex Bow
    The reflex bow is a small yet powerful bow and is made such that until it is strung, the bow ends have a forward projectile rather than backward one.
  • Self Bow
    The self bow is one of the most basic and traditional bows in archery. It is usually made from a single piece of wood and hence is fairly light in weight. The speed factor can be improvised with use of firmer strings.
  • Straight Bow
    As the name implies, the straight bow is straight and is usually made from laminated fiber-glass or carbon.
  • Longbows
    Longbows are made only from wood. They were used prominently by early Britain archers during combat.
  • Composite Bow
    A composite bow is made from different materials and laminated together to take advantage of each used material. It is said that recurve bows are subsets of nearly all composite bows. The construction of these bows do take time but they are also very powerful.
  • Compound Bow
    The compound bow is one of the most modern and technically advanced bow. Pulleys and cams are usually used to draw the limbs back. This bow is much more powerful and efficient than recurves or longbows with its speed generating abilities.
Types of Arrows:
  • Wooden Arrows
    This type of arrows are of course light in weight. They are generally used by beginner archers and with longbows.
  • Fiber Glass Arrows
    These arrows are sharp and usually used in hunting however fiber glass arrows are fragile and can break easily.
  • Aluminum Arrows
    Aluminum arrows can be very precise and effective. They are available in a wide range of sizes though are expensive than some of their counterparts. These bows are most commonly used in archery tournaments.
  • Carbon and Aluminum Carbon Arrows
    The carbon and aluminum carbon arrows are speedy and precise. They are very good at maintaining trajectory. These bows are used in serious archery tournaments and are very expensive to buy.
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