Golf Tips for Beginners at Golfing

Playing golf can be a tough task for beginners at golfing. It is only with observation and practice that one can fully understand the game and be able to play it in the right way. This article would cover some basic golf tips for people who just began at golfing.
| Friday, November 07, 2008
Golf has always been a fascinating sport for me since childhood. I am an almost regular observer of professional games to understand on how golf is played, how the swing is executed, how accurate balance is achieved and how optimal results are achieved. Amateur or beginner golfers would seldom find it hard to get into the act quickly. It is remembered that golf cannot be mastered overnight, no sport can but with practice and commitment anyone can play golf nicely if not in the best way. It is only with practice that precision, balance and that perfect swing can be achieved. Here are some basic golfing tips that would help you get started with the game.

Balancing Tips

Balancing while golfing is very critical for precise execution and game play. Proper balancing during a golf swing is very important as it determines optimal landing. The first and foremost thing is how you take the stance as stance is the most basic elements that should go right before you start a swing. Take a stance that would put you in the most comfortable position to swing the golf ball. Learn out and practice various stances and follow the one that suits you perfectly. When you are ready for the swing, mentally prepare and imagine how the swing would go. Mental preparation before the swing is very vital to getting the swing absolutely precise and right. When you are ready just go with the flow, maintain balance (not even a slight off-movement) and hit the ball. The speed at which you hit the ball is yet another crucial factor which we will see as the article goes on. The balancing of head is also a important factor which we cannot ignore. Most beginner golfers, with instincts, tend to move head more frequently. Make sure your head is rock solid and your eyes are geared on the ball all throughout the swing. The most amount of concentration you would need would be during the hit, so be sharp there. Feet movement needs to be zero if you don't intend to achieve any angle deflections except during the long swing when the back feet would stand high on the toes.

The Club Hold

How you hold the club is another aspect of golfing which you should get right in the first place. The club hold should not be too firm and not too lose. It also does depends on the distance you intend to achieve. For example, if you are aiming distance, then make sure your hold is tight but not too tight as it can lead to improper balance and incorrect direction. If you are close to the hole, make sure your grip is lose (not too lose of course). Having a lose grip when close to a hole would improve target hit precision. For long distance swing, it is crucial that your hold starts to losen slightly with the swing. This will help transfer the energy into the swing accurately.

Hitting the Golf Ball

I think this is the part where most beginner golfers tend to go with emotions. Before the hit, make sure you know what you are doing. You might know that hitting too hard is going to take the ball too far but might cause deflection before landing. While hitting for long distances, make sure that you are stable with the club and hitting the center portion of the club would help you have superior control over the swing. When close to the hole, the hit needs to be very perfect, forget emotions, concentrate on the hole, don't rush into the hit and hit. It is also necessary to have a straight stance rather than a bent one when you are very close to the hole. Point your left foot slightly towards the hole as it will help you get the angle right.

It is a combination of all these things with good mental preparation before swinging and hitting that would set you in the right direction to learn golfing like a pro. Hope these tips help you! You can always consider getting coaching from a professional golfer.
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