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Do you know Michael Jordan was named as the greatest athlete of the 21st century? He also had a very impressive points per match average in basketball. Read this Michael Jordan Biography for other interesting facts about this exceptional athlete.
| Saturday, October 25, 2008
"There is Michael Jordan and then there are the rest of us" These immortal words by basketball player Magic Johnson pretty much summarize the iconic status of Michael Jordan in basketball and general sports arena. Born on 17th February 1963 in Brooklyn (New York) to James and Delores Jordan, Michael Jordan was raised in North Carolina. As a child Michael shared a wonderful bond with his father and baseball was his favorite sport. However it was his brother Larry that he chose to follow and eventually started playing basketball. Michael Jordan has two older brothers and one older and a younger sister as well.

Early Years of Michael's Career

Michael Jordan attended the Laney High school in the Wilmington area in North Carolina. It was surprising that at one point of time in his initial student days he was cut out of the varsity basketball team. However around his junior year he had grown to 6.3 ft in height and had started displaying his precocious prowess on the basketball court. With hard work he made it to the varsity team and eventually led them to the state championships. This was just the beginning for this gifted sportsman. Michael Jordan eventually attended the North Carolina University on a basketball scholarship. He was able to show his superior skills in a game against Georgetown at the NCAA championship. He grabbed 9 rebounds and scored 16 points in that game for a 63-62 victory record. During his sophomore year Michael Jordan was declared the College Player of the year by sporting news.

Michael Jordan's Professional Playing Career

In 1984 after his junior year Chicago Bulls selected Michael Jordan third in the NBA draft. This was the same team that had won only 28 of their games during the previous basketball season. There was an immediate impact of the arrival of Michael Jordan since his team managed to win 11 more matches and the attendance in the stadium increased dramatically. People appreciated the show that Jordan put on. During his rookie season Jordan averaged 28.2 points for every game and was named Rookie of the Year. Thus he had an immediate impact on the game and made it to the All Star team. It was however only in 1991 that Jordan led the Bulls to the first of their three consecutive NBA championships. Jordan was also among the elite athletes to have found a place in the original US Dream Team during the 1992 summer Olympics. His average for every game as a part of this fabulous team was 12.7 points and he won his second gold medal following his 1984 gold triumph with a 6-0 win. Michael Jordan had to suffer a personal set back when his father was murdered by some armed robbers in North Carolina. He was also investigated for his alleged role in illegal betting on the NBA games and his name was eventually cleared from this controversy. However all these events took their toll on Michael Jordan's psyche and he felt he had lost his motivation to play the game and so he stepped away from the game.

After his retirement from basketball Michael Jordan attempted to fulfill his long standing dream of playing Major league Baseball and played for Birmingham Barons during the 1994 Baseball season. He could not however create the same impact in this arena. Finally in late 1994-95 season he made the statement "I'm back" and announced his return to his beloved basketball game. Playing as Number 45 he led the Bulls to an amazing 72-10 record. He averaged 30.4 points every game and was name the league MVP, all star MVP and the MVP in the NBA Finals. This was his fourth NBA championship. In 1996 he was named part of the 50 greatest NBA players in the history of the game. He won two more championships in 1997 and 1998 thereby winning a total of 6 championships. He won the most valuable player award for every 6 of the final championships that the Bulls won.

Jordan retired for a second time after the break up of Bulls and expressed his desire to spend more time with his wife and three children. He then took the role of operations head and part owner of Washington Wizards in 2000 to turn around the performance of the team. He even hired Doug Collins as a coach but was not able to make the same impact and recreate the same magic. He returned now as a player for Washington Wizards for a two year contract. He played his final game on 16th April 2003. At the end of his career Michael Jordan had a total of 32,292 points at a career average of 30.12 points per game. He was part of the massively successful Air Jordan advertisement campaign and was even part of the movie Space Jam. A survey conducted by the major sports magazines and media members and athletes declared Michael Jordan as the greatest among the top 20 athletes of the century.

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