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Do you like the feel and thrill of participating in adventure sports? Well here are some top adventure sports you might wanna give a try during your next holidays.
| Friday, November 07, 2008
Sport has its roots long back when man started to be social. There were numerous sports that were played in the early times. As time evolved sports became an integral part of our lives. Today sports are at a new high with adventure and extreme sports coming into the picture. There are several different adventure sports being played around the world. Lets take a quick look at some of them - the top adventure sports:

Whitewater Rafting

Whitewater rafting became a popular adventure sport during the mid 1970s. This sport is pretty challenging and fun to be in. Rafting involves use of a raft for navigating through rivers and other water streams. Usually a team of rafters steer the raft across with paddles. There are several rafting competitions that are held around the world from time to time. Rafting was included in the Barcelona Games in the year 1992, in the Atlanta games in 1996 and in such other global sports events.

Scuba Diving

Scuba diving involves diving and swimming underwater especially in seas. Scuba stands for underwater breathing apparatus which aids swimmers to breathe underwater. A scuba diver is generally guided by fins attached to the feet to aid in swift underwater movement although some divers also make use of diver propulsion vehicle, a automated machine to guide through. Most people are fascinated by this sport because they can explore and see the underworld life and plants or simply because of the thrills involved. There are several commercial agencies that offer services to beginners and guide them with the sport.

Rock Climbing

Rock climbing is one of the most dangerous sports and it requires tremendous mental control, physical agility, endurance and balance. Basically, rock climbing involves climbing natural rock formations with the use of rock climbing equipment. The rock climbing sport became popular during mid 1900 however they were limited due to inadequate and/or technologically inferior equipments.There are several techniques and styles one can apply during the sport such as bouldering, top roping, lead climbing, solo climbing and top roping. It is all dependent on the type of climbing equipment that is used and the approach that is followed. For starters, artificial wall climbing would be a good start. There are also several agencies which offer professional services budding climbers.


Rock climbing can be a subset of mountaineering but not vice-a-versa. Mountaineering involves climbing up mountains or mountainous terrains. A person wishing to get involved in this sport needs to have tremendous endurance, agility, experience and mental patience. Mountaineering may involve in normal rocky environments or even snowy ones for that matter. Those particularly involved in snow mountaineering require special equipment such as crampons, skis and ice axes. This sport is usually done in teams and a circuit or path is designed to reach the summit point. Shelter is yet another crucial aspect in this type of sport and might be required for camping and taking breaks. As in any sport, first aid kits and safety equipment is crucial in any case of eventualities.


Skiing is a sport that involves use of skiing equipment and this sport is done on snowy regions or even artificial skiing lanes. Skiing does require a lot of technical mastery along with physical agility and endurance. Skiing equipment comprises of special skiing boots, the skis, helmet and of course the ski poles. Ski poles helps in steering, keeping balance and providing directions. There are several different types of skiing sports that people engage in such as alpine skiing, alpine freestyle, adaptive skiing, back country skiing, etc. Skiing is a tough sport to learn for beginners, however several skiing schools and instructors can help in learning the same. There are several recognized competitions that take place around the world from time to time. In places where atmospheric conditions are not present for skiing, artificial set ups are created to make skiing possible.


Paragliding is a flying sport i.e., it is performed in the air. Paragliding involves utilizing the paraglider to fly and steer. Paraglider basically is a foot -launched free-flying mini aircraft. A pilot can do paragliding with sitting or standing positions. The paraglider is made to fly by manual running and falling off a cliff. Flying can also be achieved with several other techniques such as reverse launching and towed launching. A paraglider has all the mechanisms that aid the pilot to steer, fly or land. It is achieved with the control of the paraglider's wings. Paragliding is a tough sport and a costly one as well, however there are several paragliding schools that can help a budding learner.


Windsurfing is a fascinating water sport in which sailboards  and sails are used to sail across with manual control. Wind plays a important part in this sport and is essential to steer the sailboat; the sport often requires a bare minimum of 15-20 knots. Windsurfing is easier to learn though professional guidance might be required to perform some serious maneuvers. There are various windsurfing competitions that are particularly held during summers in various parts of the world. In more serious competitions there are several disciplines in which the sport is played such as freestyle, slalom, Olympic windsurfing, speed racing, Formula windsurfing and super x.
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