Amsterdam Schiphol Airport

Amsterdam Schiphol airport which is the main airport of Netherlands is amongst the best airports in Europe. This airport is extensively used for traveling in Europe and to other destinations all over the world. The article that follows will reveal details of this airport.
| Wednesday, December 24, 2008
Amsterdam Schiphol Airport is the main airport of Netherlands and is located 17.5 kms to the southwest of Amsterdam. This airport is located in the municipal area of Haarlemmermeer and it takes around 20 minutes from Amsterdam to reach this airport. The Amsterdam Schiphol Airport is one of the most important airports in Europe besides other major airports such as Heathrow in the United Kingdom and Frankfurt International airport in Germany. This airport plays an important role in passenger and cargo transport all over the world. This can be seen from the fact that the year 2007 saw handling of as many as 47,793,602 passengers through this airport. It is one of the important hubs of activity in Europe with around 68% people using this airport to travel to Europe. Many travellers also use this airport to board intercontinental flights.

The Amsterdam Schiphol Airport is also used for transport of cargo extensively with as much as 44% of the cargo heading to Asian regions. Schiphol Airport handles direct flights to more than 250 destinations in as many as 91 countries all over the world. The importance of this airport, its sprawling complex and its flawless operations can be seen from the four star rating that it got as per the Skytrax grading system. It is only one of the six airports in the world to get such a rating. The Amsterdam Schiphol airport is a huge terminal that is divided into three separate departure areas. This airport has 5 main runways and one separate runway is used mostly by the general aviation aircraft. A sixth runway was added in 2003. The traffic and high landing costs associated with this airport have resulted in some low cost carriers moving their flights to some of the smaller airports in the country such as Rotterdam airport and the Eindhoven airport. Schiphol is the home base for many airlines and their flights, notable amongst these are the Royal Dutch Airlines, Martinair and Arkefly among others. The air traffic tower at Schiphol is 101 m tall and is amongst the tallest in the world. This airport is located below the sea level and the lowest point of the airport is eleven feet under the sea level.

The Schiphol airport was initially started as a military airbase on Sep 16, 1916 and consisted of only a few barracks and a field that served as the platform and the runaway. The word Schiphol was derived from Fort Schiphol which was a part of a defence work. The Amsterdam Schiphol airport has received a large number of awards and was voted as the Best European Airport over a 15 year period. Schiphol airport is known not only for its operations and large number of flights but also for its huge shopping areas. This airport can be a shopper’s paradise and is often used by the non travelling visitors also. This airport also has an operational art space in partnership with the Rijksmussum and offers a range of classical and contemporary art for viewing and appreciation. The airport also has a mortuary where deceased people can be kept and there is also a facility for individuals to get married at this airport and then leave for their honeymoon.

Amsterdam Airport Schiphol also has a separate viewing platform called the Panorama Terrace. This airport can be easily accessed by public transport but it is advisable for passengers to leave well in time since reaching terminals can be a bit of a hike. The airport is very well planned with signposts to direct the passengers. The down side to this wonderful airport are the new tax regulations that have been imposed.
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