Understanding Flight Insurance

Insurance is a way of securing your future. In this age of globalization air travel has become a preferred means of travel for many people and many individuals are taking the benefits of flight insurance. This article will help you understand flight insurance and the kinds of coverage available to the travelers under flight insurance.
| Thursday, December 18, 2008
Holidays can be an exciting and fun time for most families. People make special plans for their holidays and often choose to head out to exotic and interesting locations to spend their vacations. It is due to this reason that the holiday season sees a lot of hectic travelling with commercial flights being booked well in advance. Air accidents are quite rare and while such accidents don’t happen in most cases the future cannot always be predicted. For this reason many people choose to play it safe and opt for flight Insurance. Besides individuals who travel for fun, there are also people who regularly travel by air to fulfill their professional duties. Such frequent business travelers often travel over long distances and international flight insurance allows them to continue with the frequent travelling knowing well enough that their dependents will receive benefits if anything happens to them during their travel. The following are some points that would help you to understand the various aspects associated with flight insurance, also mentioned are different types of flight insurance such as flight cancellation insurance, airline trip interruption coverage and travel delay insurance.
  • Typically flight life insurance is a policy that covers or provides for accidental death and dismemberment of the traveler on the airplane. This is also called AD&D policy or flight accident insurance policy. This insurance policy provides protection to the individual for the time he/she is flying with the commercial airline. This insurance policy allows the insured or their dependents to get a lump sum money in the event of them being injured or losing their life in an airline accident or an accident in transportation to or from a plane. A flight life insurance policy is completely affordable and a person can even opt for flight insurance for a one way trip. Once you opt for flight insurance you will be covered no matter which airline you fly with so long as the flight is a scheduled one.
  • Flight insurance is offered by many travel insurance companies but sometimes the concerned individual has to buy it separately. While opting for a flight accident insurance or international flight insurance it is always advisable to take a policy that will provide coverage right from the time you leave your house for your flight till the time your return back. Also ensure that the insurance you are opting for covers every flight in your trip. Flight insurance can also be purchased online and you can purchase one right before your flight.
Some other important types of flight insurance include:

Flight Cancellation Insurance
Another form of flight insurance that is available is called flight cancellation insurance. This insurance reimburses or covers all prepaid expenses that a traveler would lose if his/her flight were cancelled or if such an individual cannot make it to the flight. The coverage would also include reimbursement of expenses in the event of the flight being cancelled due to a strike of the airline. Other problems such as flight cancellation owing to weather changes or terrorist activities etc are also covered.

Airline Trip Interruption Coverage
This type of insurance cover protects the traveler in a scenario where the traveler embarks on the trip but is unable to complete it due to any of the reasons covered under cancellation coverage. Such a traveler would be paid some amount of the trip cost.

Travel Delay Insurance
Sometimes trips are delayed because of some problems such as natural disasters or weather and terrorism problems among others. This insurance gives the traveler money to either return to his/her home or then to complete the trip by catching a new flight. The premiums for flight insurance are low since the possibility of accidents during air travel is less.
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