Bridal Shower Gifts - Ideas and Suggestions

Gifts are a form of expressing ones gratitude towards someone who is very close to heart. Read on to know some bridal shower gift ideas and suggestions.
| Wednesday, September 15, 2010
Bridal Shower is an event that gives an opportunity to all the near and dear ones to express their affection towards the Bride-to-be. It is a highly sensitive moment full of sentiments towards the girl who will be entering a new world of responsibilities. A bridal shower is an occasion all about making the bride-to-be happy! Bridal shower gift suggestion revolves around ideas that can be funny or sentimental.

Mind-blowing Gift Ideas for Bridal showers.

  • Bridal shower gift basket can be a pretty thing to gift. It should be filed with all lovely things like chocolates, flowers, candies etc. One can even buy accessories like fashionable clips, hair pins, hair bands, nail paints, lip sticks, eye shadows, bracelets etc. All these should be packed individually and the put in the basket. The basket should be decorated with satin ribbons, glitters, and themocol balls.
  • Funny gift ideas for Bridal showers would be to place a gem studded ring in a small gift box and then wrap as many gift papers around it in layers. On every layer of the gift papers, a funny message can be written.
  • A gift hunt amusement can be a wonderful idea! The gift can be hidden in some place at the venue where the Bridal showers event is going to take place. Clues of where the gift is located can be placed at different places which the Bride-to-be needs to track to reach the surprise gift.
  • A gift box can be designed and decorated. It should be filled with as much number of gifts as the age of the Bride-to-be. Another way of doing this would be to place small sized gifts inside the balloons. The number of gifts and the balloons can be same as the Bride-to-be’s age. The girl then should be let to burst the balloon and earn the gift hidden in it. To have more fun, she should be made to sing a song before bursting each balloon.
  • A pleasing idea would be to make a heap of gifts brought by all family members and friends and place it at the center of the event hall, covered with decorative material. The bride-to-be should be allowed to open the gifts after cake-cutting ceremony.
  • Fun games to earn a gift from the guests! Paper chits with instructions written should be placed in a bowl which every guest would turn-by turn pick up and read out the instruction which the Bride-to-be needs to carry out to earn the gift. Instructions should be simple and funny like the following examples: Singing a song or a nursery rhyme; hugging and kissing all little kids present for the event; pulling ears of all those who have a red color in their outfit.
  • Blind man’s bluff game can be organized. A bride-to-be should be blind folded in the game. The guests who get caught should present her the gift.
  • Guess what is in the box? This would be another way to have some mischief with the Bride-to-be. The girl should be asked guess what is the gift inside the box. For every wrong guess she will have to face a punishment announced by the guests.
  • The Bride-to-be can be presented a huge greeting card, along with the gift, decorated with bright designs. All the special moment and childhood pranks should be written on the card which she should be made to read aloud.
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