Planning Bridal Showers - Themes and Ideas

The joy of entering a new world after marriage excites every girl. This auspicious moment is the most caressed and is celebrated with memorable occasions like Bridal Showers.
| Saturday, August 21, 2010
Bridal Showers is a gathering held for the bride-to-be who is showered with gifts and blessings by close relatives and friends. Planning a bridal shower is full of fun. The bridal shower ideas run around what the bride-to-be likes.

Bridal shower theme parties are highly enjoyable and people can work out numerous themes and activities to make it a memorable event. Here are some bridal shower themes:

  • ‘Pink for girls’ can be a good theme. The party room can be decorated with different items that are pink color. The windows can be covered with pink curtains. Vases with pink flowers (especially roses) can be placed at all the corners. The dress code for the ladies should be a pink outfit. One can arrange for a strawberry cake to be placed on a table at the centre of the room. Gifts for the bride should be wrapped in a pink colored gift paper. A large sized greeting card autographed by the invitees can be presented to the bride-to-be along with a big floral bouquet.
  • Colorful lights and candles for decoration can be an ideal theme for a cool evening.
  • A warm welcome of the bride-to-be, by showering rose petals will be a great surprise. The presence of some close friends or relatives whom the would-be bride has not met since long will be a grand surprise to her.
  •  ‘Styles and fashions’ theme – organize a variety of accessories like nail paints, eye shadows, lipsticks and other cosmetics. The invitees need to come for the party in an outfit, the theme of which is pre decided. The girls can help each other with the make-up and other accessories for hair styles. A fashion show can be set for fun with a light music in the background.
  • Good old childhood days are the most unforgettable! Decorating the venue with soft toys and dolls, placing bowls filled with chocolates and toffees will be a memorable theme.
  • Light snacks can be arranged to munch around during the party. Pastries, Sandwiches, Fries, toppings etc are some of the delightful munchies for the girls to enjoy. Cold drinks, fruit juices and mocktails etc will be good enough in addition to the eatables.
  • Activities add more enthusiasm to the party. Gift wrapping competition can be organized. Invitees should wrap the gift in the most creative way to be the winner.
  • Activities for a bridal shower can have competitions like greeting card making with an innovative message for the Bride-to-be.
  • The bride’s chair can be decorated with satin ribbons and flowers. Cushions can be placed all around to make the guests comfortable.
  • The invitation card for bridal shower can be designed as per the theme and the activities planned. The card can be of the following shapes: wedding bells, wedding cake, bridal gown, floral bouquet etc. Flowers made from colorful craft papers can be used to decorate the invitation cards.
  • Take away gifts, as a token of the event, can be planned for the guests. It may be an attractive show piece, a coffee mug with a ‘Thank you’ message, a small carton of sweets or a bunch of fresh roses.

Bridal showers are one of the events in ones life that leave a long lasting memory in the years to come. Creative themes and ideas make such events unforgettable for lifetime.

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